#DailyBreaking: Africa cannot accept corruption propaganda,intelligent leaders needed

Bad mentality,qualifications and old age leadership has lead to the lowest capacity to psychologically,Historically,religiously and scientifically discover the courses leading to the poverty and illiteracy dealing with the lives of majority of Africans in the atmosphere of conspiracy and at same time the nation is tagged as the most corrupt by overseas countries.

This is the world conspicuous allegation to tannish the image directing to some African nations as most corrupt, just like the educated once accusing the illiterates for corruption, meaning that the illiterates knows more than the educated?

These world conspicuous accusations has lead to the exclusion of some illiterate African countries from partaking on some if not most but important issues like international online financial transactions, (e.g) when it comes to online sending and receiving money and online buying and selling which the world knows that the illiteracy of some unfortunate African nations has lead to provisions and development of the internet and all the website provision functioning financial tools being invented or created by the USA,UK and other intelligent and educated countries that knows more and also in the 100% position to tutor other illiterate countries, but were as now accusing the illiterate once of corruption as if the illiterate knows more than the educated once or maybe the illiterate countries qualified in position to create the internet or the online platform for scam without the help of the educated countries that actually invented the software or websites tools and indirect scam processes respectively, using a recognised public blameless name  to partake on financial scam (e.g) countries or boundary excuses to deprive someone’s money or payment covering up with creative defensive and intimidating  reasons due to not on physical transaction’s even if it was.

PayPal withholding costumers money made through donations due to your not an American or your living in the illiterate countries not listed among countries to receive money but listed among countries that only spend  money but never receive money which is too wrong. (PayPal should not exist in countries if there is no platform to receive and spend money On  like a Bank should not exist if there is no platform to send and receive money)

Google AdSense withholding your account when you have many clicks on your AdS were as giving reasons to please one side costumer and displease another side costumer on the online process even if you are the publisher or the costumer or clicker the google scam has given the reasons to withhold the publishers hard earn money using criminal unphysical sound accurate creativities and explanations to steel peoples money and frustrate people doing online blogging businesses because your in position to take what they tell you without prof. Too Wrong

AdSense should be held responsible to credit incompleted ADs per click revenue to the publishers account also not creating a limit of clicks per clicker which they claim in the reasons they give for withholding a publisher’s account. Meaning the publisher is at risk to loose his hard earn suffering for the mistake an unknown clicker. Too wrong 

This is an intelligent propaganda accusing the unfortunate illiterate countries to face the consequences of shameful mistakes made in order for the so called educated countries to retain there unfortunate pride of perfection were as blaming the unfortunate illiterate countries for the unconscious mistakes discovered in an ongoing projects or services invented by the so called educated countries.


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